Thank you for making my dream come true! Indeed a very well planned trip with minute details th0ught of. The team of guides surely know their tasks very well. Though the hike was not an easy one, the guides made it easier and set a decent pace for us. The team had taken every possible step to ensure our comfort, safety and that the objetives of the trip is acheived. A very much anticipated trip has ended really well, thanks to your team.

Keep up the good work and continue guiding us to acheieve our dreams. 

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Layering for trekking and climbing in nepal

Of the fundamental aspects to consider when planning a trek or expedition to Nepal, clothing and layering are major considerations. Landing in a warm, temperate climate at Kathmandu (1300 meters […]

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From the very start, Highland Expeditions set a high bar for excellence that they consistently lived up to throughout our entire journey. We started our communication with the company one […]

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