Quick Facts

Capital city  :  Kathmandu
Language  :  Nepali (National Language)
Currency  :  NPR (Nepali Rupee)
Population  :  29.5 Million
Dialling code  :  +977
Time zone  :  (GMT+05:45) Kathmandu


Nepal is wedged in between two rapidly emerging Nations- China and India. Nepal has a great geographical variation ranging from world’s deepest Kali Gandaki Gorge to World’s highest Everest Mountain. Geographically, Nepal is divided into mountains, hills and Terai. The Terai region is bordered near to India and is characterized by forests and plains.

Nepal Climate- When is the best time to visit Nepal

Although Nepal has some tropical and alpine regions, you can mostly experience temperate kind of climate in Nepal. In this country, Monsoon begins from June and remains till August which will make trekking through humid and wetland a bit difficult. But then, Dolpo and Mustang region lies in the rainbow shadow of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri Massif and thus this region receives no rainfall even in monsoon which makes it the perfect choice for monsoon trekking in Nepal. The period after monsoon from September to November is considered the best season for Nepal trekking as all the dirt would have been carried away by the monsoon rain. The environment remains clean and green and the sky remains clear with great visibility and thus offers panoramic views of stunning Himalaya. Days remain warm and sunny while you might experience a bit cold in the night.

The period between September to May is considered the best trekking season. Winter season begins from December and lasts till February. The temperature can drop down below zero Degree Celsius at high altitude.

Spring (March to May) remains warm. This is the season when nature comes alive with blooming wildflowers including rhododendron- the national flower of Nepal.


Nepal is a multi-ethnic country. There are above 100 ethnic groups which adopt their unique culture. Each ethnic community has its own language dialect, music, food, clothing and custom. So, you can experience a different lifestyle and culture in different regions of Nepal. Nepalese are known for their warm hospitality and the bravery that they displayed in world war. Hinduism is a major religion here. Next to Hinduism is Buddhism which is followed by Islam and Christianity. New Constitution of Nepal 2015 has declared Nepal as the Federal Democratic Republic. It has adopted secularism in religion. Animist belief is prevalent in regions near to Tibet. Arranged marriage is the preferred marriage custom. Caste system exists in Nepal. A great difference can be seen in between the lifestyle of locals in rural and urbanized areas.

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Activities in Nepal

everest base camp short trekking

Trekking in Nepal

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Peak climbing in nepal

Peak Climbing In Nepal

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High Altitude Expeditions

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Mountaineering Course in Nepal

Mountaineering Courses

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Tour in Nepal

Nepal Tours

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Jungle Safari in Nepal

The first image that comes in our mind while thinking about Nepal is Himalaya. But, the introduction of Nepal is not limited to mountains. Despite being the small nation, Nepal is blessed with diverse topographical variation.


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Layering for trekking and climbing in nepal

Of the fundamental aspects to consider when planning a trek or expedition to Nepal, clothing and layering are major considerations. Landing in a warm, temperate climate at Kathmandu (1300 meters […]

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