Thamel becomes vehicles free zone

The main tourism hub in Kathmandu, Thamel has become vehicle-free from Sunday. 
The Metropolitan Traffic Police Division has informed that vehicles excluding most essential ones including drinking water, ambulance, tourism, and security will not be allowed to move to the area. 
The vehicles permitted can only go to Thamel from Tridevi Marga. Large vehicles are strictly prohibited to enter into Thamel area. 
Various stakeholders including Metropolitan Traffic Police Division (MTPD), Kathmandu metropolis, locals and tourist entrepreneurs have taken a joint initiative to make Thamel vehicle-free, informed MTPD spokesperson Umesh Ranjitkar. 
“The area has become vehicle free from today noon,” Ranjitkar told Setopati, “We have strictly prohibited the vehicles from making an entrance to Thamel from today. “
According to him, vehicles can only make the entrance from Tribeni Marga. Jyatha Marg and Tridevi Marga are being operated for a two-way road system. Two-wheelers can ply from Chhetrapati to JP Marga, Thahity to reach Thamel. 
Vehicles making exit from Thamel are allowed to move in Saatghumti, Pakanajol-Sorhakhutte Height, Chhetrapati, Bhagwatibahal, Amritmarg and Thahiti. 
“No vehicles will be allowed to park in the Thamel area,” spokesperson Ranjitkar said, “Traffic signs will be kept in different places and vehicles will be arranged as per the need of the hotels in Thamel.”
A pass system will be put in place for the vehicles owned by local residents to move to and from the Thamel area.
Vehicle free street as seen in Thamel.
Source: Setopati

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