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Highland Expeditions is a high altitude adventure travel operator fully owned by local alpine experts who specializes in pure wilderness programs that include stirring Expeditions, Peak Climbing, Trekking and Tours in Nepal and her neighbours Bhutan, Tibet and India. At ‘Highland Expeditions’, it is our aim to ensure our discerning adventure travellers who respect local culture and prefer to travel the less travelled path, a good vocational break with minimised risks and the worry-free trip should it be monetary, physical or emotional.

Our offerings range from strenuous, off-trail adventures from highland expeditions to on-trail moderate hiking trips in the lowland vacations. With an option to enable you to customise your trips according to your preferences and requirements on the dates most suitable or to match your schedule in your calendar, this diversity allows you to enjoy Nepal’s inspiring landscapes in a variety of ways and at different times of your life.

Our Innovations [Gambling with nature]

As Sherpa(s) are down-to-earth innovators, we are passionate about seeking new trails, new peaks, and newer expeditions. There are no limitations to Mother Nature & her sapping beauty.

Highland Expeditions, with her team of the exceptional crew, is constantly on the lookout to discover the unknown from the known – it can be treks and even mountain wilderness courses to understand nature at its best and worst.  Our itineraries are often reviewed to be in sync with current times and adapt to natural calamities i.e. ‘unpredictable earthquakes’ and how to safeguard our guests while on the trails. Some of our itineraries are epics, because of our exceptional knowledge of the mountains.  And because of the commanded respect for these massive gargantuan mountains, we continuously find ways to comprehend its geographies.

Although our ventures are planned at our office, we pay attention and take into consideration of the guides and leaders with us as they are constantly in the field and trails at different elevations facing unexpected conditions they experienced. With this knowledge, it enhances our effort to tailor and adjust to climbers who are cramped for time to enable them to return home to be with their loved ones during festive seasons.

This formed the base of all our expeditions which are built on the foundations of success, and memories that last for generations to come.

Our Passion…Trekkers & Climbers who think similarly like us…

At Highland Expeditions, we love the concept of travel in believing that getting there is as much fun as being there.  We provide the best in our transportation, eat out in the great local restaurants and hold up at a luxurious hotel as well as family-run ones.  At ‘HE’, it is our pride to share our experience acquired over the years.  Travel is about discerning and respecting new cultures and to travel the less travelled turning it into an experience for a lifetime.  We share the same sentiment and message received from our guests. Great travel is an experience of culture, cuisines, history, people, natural beauty and change. It will be an honour for us to have you join us to get familiar with the culture of a destination and everything with comfort.  Even after having come a long way today; our approach to travel remains the same and we are still as passionate as we were in the beginning. We sincerely invite you to come to share this deep passion of ours and embark on journeys of an extraordinary nature.

Whether you are one of our past travellers or totally new to us, we invite you to look through the array of Small Group odysseys & itineraries featured on our website…

Join us and be a part of the ‘Highland Expeditions’ family.  It’s a never-ending feeling and that will live with the generations to come.

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