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In the world of adventure tourism, one destination stands out as the premier playground for trekking, and mountaineering. A place with incredible natural beauty and deep cultural traditions. Every spring the world turns its attention to this theatre in the mountains and gazes to Mt Everest, rising 8,848 meters asl the highest peak in the world. It is nestled deep among the mighty Himalayan Mountains that create the border between Nepal and Tibet in China. The Everest region is well known for being abundant with incredible opportunities for trekking and climbing. There is a rising star in the adventure options to experience this mythical world, and riding high on the bucket list of things to do in the Everest Region now is the Everest Heli Treks. It is becoming one of the hottest ways to view and experience the overwhelming majesty of the Himalayan Mountains, and specifically the Everest Region.

everest base camp heli trek

Anyone can feel like the rich and famous without the price tag! Imagine trekking through the mystical realm of the Sherpa, passing solitary monasteries, viewing snow-capped peaks through softly flapping prayer flags, and hiking to the greatest show on earth, the Everest Base Camp. Now imagine instead of trekking back down the same trail, there is a chartered helicopter waiting for you like the rock star you are after ascending to over 5,000 meters! Luckily there are many ways to utilize this unique ability to explore this well-known part of the Himalayas.

There are two fantastic options available for those who want to combine both trekking and a helicopter tour. Everest Heli treks are now one of the fastest-growing ways to come see the magnificence of the Khumbu Valley, enjoy Sherpa culture, and witness the tallest mountain in the world. These treks allow the traveller to hike in, and fly out! If visiting the Everest Base Camp is high on the must-do list, but the 15-18 days necessary to fly from home, do the trek, and fly back home is just not feasible, then the Everest Heli Treks are a perfect option. The standard Heli trek can shorten this adventure by at least 3-5 days giving most a little wiggle room for transit time, and standard vacation allowances from work.

To enjoy the Everest Region best, there are two excellent Everest Heli Treks options. One is the now-classic Everest Base Camp Heli Trek and the other is an interesting alternative, the Gokyo and Everest Base Camp Heli Trek. Both offer all the same outstanding views, great opportunities to explore Sherpa culture, and ascend to the high elevations of the Himalayan alpine world, but save your knees from all the downhill, and potentially shortening the total tour time.

So let’s look at these two glorious and deluxe ways to explore the magical world of the Himalayas. To begin with, almost everyone who ever dreams of stepping foot into the mountains is familiar with the Everest Base Camp Trek. Now combine this incredible journey with a helicopter ride. You will be back in Kathmandu in time to be relaxing in the hotel suite by evening, ready to enjoy delicious cuisines after a hot shower and some clean clothes.

Everest Base Camp Heli Trek


The Everest Base Camp Heli Trek is a 12-day classic trek to Everest Base Camp combined with a flyout by helicopter tour. The highest elevation reached is 5,545 meters when summiting the popular Kala Patter knoll. This famous destination on the EBC Trek offers unparalleled views of Mt Everest, and the surrounding peaks like Nuptse, Changtse, and Lhotse. Most will do this hike up pre-dawn to watch the first morning rays strike the top of Everest and then slide down to grace the other surrounding peaks. Not to mention the clouds can set in midday obstructing any fantastic view.

Now the really fun part of this trek is the flight back to Kathmandu. It is on a chartered helicopter flight leaving from Pheriche (4,250m), the next morning after climbing Kala Patter, and two days after visiting Everest Base Camp. But what makes this trek so special besides shortening the length and saving your knees from some major downhill mistreatment? Simply it’s getting the best alternative to the normal Everest Base Camp Trek. Yes, the perspective of the return trek can be wonderful, but frequently the flights returning from Lukla to Kathmandu can be delayed for hours, or even days, leaving those with limited time sweating and trying to email their boss for a vacation extension. Plus, who doesn’t want to “fly like an eagle” as the song goes, above the mighty Himalayas and return to Kathmandu all in time for a relaxing night out before heading home?

Everest Base Camp and Gokyo Lakes Heli Trek


Now, if time isn’t as much of an issue, but the idea of taking a helicopter ride from Everest to Kathmandu just sounds too fantastic to pass up, then there is another interesting option. The Everest Base Camp and Gokyo Lakes Heli Trek offer an alternative route to the EBC Trek, one that is slightly more remote. This 15-day Gokyo and Everest Base Camp Heli Trek covers the main attractions of the Everest Region in a single trek and is a thrilling alternate trek to the Everest Base Camp Trek. This trek includes marvellous scenery of some of the highest mountains in the world and provides a look into traditional Sherpa culture with a spectacular helicopter flight back to Kathmandu from Dingboche. The highlight of our journey will be Gokyo Ri [5,357m], Cho La Pass [5,420m], Everest Base Camp [5,364m] and Kalapatthar [5,545m] with an awe-inspiring panorama of Everest and nearby peaks, the beautiful Gokyo lakes alongside Ngozumpa Glacier combining with a scenic helicopter ride back to Kathmandu.

If any of these names sound fairly unfamiliar, that’s because they are an “off the beaten path” option, and can add to the already magical Everest Base Camp Trek experience.

Everest Heli Treks are an increasingly popular way to explore the inner reaches of the Himalayas offering a completely new and unique perspective. There is no other way to see all the majesty of the Khumbu Valley as it leads up to the base of the tallest mountain on the planet. However, if the idea of trekking in the Himalayas is high on the bucket list, but maybe the body is saying it may be a little much, then adding a helicopter flight back to Kathmandu is perfect. The knees are spared, your time is shortened to allow for other activities in Nepal, and the pictures from the helicopter will rival anything from a magazine.

If any of this sounds even remotely amazing, and trekking to Everest Base Camp has been on the short-list, then it’s time to start planning for this incredible opportunity. The fall season is fast approaching, and it tends to be the busiest for tourists. Generally, Nepal will see the most travellers from September through November. Spring is also a glorious time to visit and sees slightly less tourists from March to May. Whichever season you choose, know that the Everest Heli treks are one of the most memorable and fun ways to come and experience this truly magnificent country and see the highest mountain on earth. Get ready to fly over one of the most magnificent places on earth and experience Everest like few others have. Come to see, and plan to feel the incredible vibrancy of all of Nepal, and a Heli trek has to offer.

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour

Need to see Everest and yet don’t want to go through week-long trekking? Everest base camp helicopter tour is a perfect option for you and for people having limited time who wants to see the magnificent Everest from a close-up view in a single day. Board a helicopter flight from Kathmandu, fly over the Himalayas, have breakfast at one of the world’s highest resorts and be back in the city by afternoon. If this sounds appealing, get in touch with us as we have daily departures during the season time. 

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