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Nepali culture and fitting in

Nepal, as many doesn’t know is a rich country in terms of cultural diversity. Nepal has a great mixture of religions and cultures. Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, Jainism, Sikhism, Bon, ancestor worship and animism – all religion are practiced in Nepal. There are over 120 ethnic group in Nepal and all live together in a harmony. Majority of the population are Hinduism but the country was declared a secular state. 

123 languages are spoken in Nepal. Nepal’s linguistic heritage has evolved from three major language groups: Indo-Aryan, Tibeto-Burman, and indigenous. The major languages of Nepal is Nepali. Nepali, written in Devanagari script, is the official national language and serves as lingua franca among Nepalese ethno-linguistic groups. 

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Nepal is a beautiful country and easy going for tourists but there’s plenty of traditions and local customs to be aware of. Here’s how to make friends and not foes on your trip: 

Cultural Do’s and Don’ts 

  • Remove your shoes before entering a private home or worship place. Leave your footwear with the soles down. 
  • Sit where your host/hostess indicates, because in most cases there will be a clear hierarchy
  • Avoid sitting with the soles of your feet pointing at anyone, or at sacred object. (Cover your feet if necessary)
  • Don’t whistle indoors, or at night – it can attract the spirits
  • Use both hands while giving/receiving things.
  • Always circumambulate the monastery, stupa and temple clockwise. 
  • Seek permission before entering hindu temple
  • Always ask for permission before taking photographs of someone
  • The sight of men holdings hand is common, but men and women holding hands, general acts of affection are frowned upon. Affection between men and women is seldom expressed in public 
  • Nepalese do not eat beef as cow is a national animal of Nepal and Hindu people worship cow
  • Don’t pat little children on head, or touch anyone’s head as person’s head is considered sacred
  • Do not wear revealing clothes and sleeveless tops while visiting Nepal as Nepalese are traditional and conservative in the way they dress.
  • Remember not to point with a single finger but instead use a flat extended hand especially to indicate scared object. 

All this may sound complicated but you will find that such behavior will soon become second nature. Moreover, you will gain increased respect from the Nepalese you meet, whether in downtown Kathmandu or high in Himalayas. 

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