Namaste and warm greetings from across the miles!

We, at Highland Expeditions Nepal Pvt Ltd   would like to extend a big ‘THANK YOU’ to our family, friends and visitors for your continual support and well wishes that have steered us to where we are today and initiate to set up this platform where experiences and expertise knowledge can be and are shared with  adventure seekers, trekkers and climbers from every corner of the world.

Highland Expeditions Nepal Pvt. Ltd is founded by a father and son team who direct descendants from the family line of Sherpa.  Sherpa, being the early settlers in the most mountainous region of Nepal, high in the Himalayas, it is only natural in them the desire to share the beauty of the Himalayas with foreign visitors across the globe by setting up this company.  Thus this is how ‘Highland Expeditions Nepal Pvt. Ltd’ is born. Although recently setup, the core persons who helm this venture possess many years of experience and it is our pride to try and ensure your travel to Nepal, a memorable one to be cherished in your lifetime.

The persons who helm this venture have had more than 30 years hands-on in this field and have guided many groups from the lowland leisure tours to the adventure of scaling to the summit of Mt Everest and other better known peaks in Nepal.   Along the path taken till today, it is our privilege to come across many visitors and travellers, of whom some of them are considered a part of our family now.

The journey travelled to-date has not been without hardships.  But with the determination and lessons from the struggles we faced, we have persevered and become wiser and better in all we undertake.  With sheer will-power and determination to succeed, we have overcome all obstacles and stand strong in victory.  And now it is time for us to share the secret of our success with all of you.

Regardless of you being one of our past guests or travellers or is totally new to us, we invite you to look through the array of Small Group odysseys and itineraries featured in our website.

Join us and become a part of the ‘Highland Expeditions’ family.  A sense of satisfaction to have ‘explored’ and ‘conquered’ Nepal, a country historically was one of the least urbanised country in the world.

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