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Top 10 Treks in Nepal | Popular to Off the beaten Trails

When one thinks of Nepal, one thinks of the Himalayas and the ways to get closer to them. The best way to get up-front views of the high Himalayas of Nepal is through trekking. Nepal is one of the only destinations that provide a plethora of options for trekking, with each trail equally thrilling as the other. Trekking in Nepal is comprised of amazing snowy mountains, lushly forested hills, many gorgeous rivers and waterfalls, quaint villages, and diverse cultures and food. No matter where one chooses to go to Nepal, one is bound to be rewarded with the natural and cultural abundance that makes up memories to last a lifetime. To make it easier for you to choose, here is a list of the top 10 treks in Nepal. 

Top 10 Treks in Nepal | Best Trekking Areas 

1. Everest Base Camp

Best places to visit in Nepal

The most popular trek in Nepal, Everest Base Camp, includes only 14 days at most but offers spectacular sceneries along with the extraordinary culture of the Sherpa community, all the while trekking on the foothills of the mighty Everest (8848m). The trail goes over 5000m, but the trek isn’t as strenuous as imagined and does not require prior trekking experience while promising a fulfilling journey. Adding to the fun-filled trek, the mountain flight to Lukla is also one of the highlights because of its adventurously located airstrip. Walking along the paths of breathtakingly glorious views of traditional Sherpa villages and several mountains, anyone can instantly feel the waft of crisp air of untouched nature that fills their minds and lungs with a magical aura of relaxation and fun. From Everest Base Camp, the grandeur of Mount Everest (8848m) can be experienced up close along with the views of many other snow-capped mountains. Even while retracing to Gorakshep and eventually to Lukla, you can feel your body burning with the power to overcome any obstacle all the while feeling light and breezy due to the heavenly sightseeing throughout the whole trek. March to May and September to November are considered the best time for this trek. With the support of an experienced crew and guides and enough rest days, the trek won’t leave you feeling too exhausted but instead rejuvenated with all the gorgeous views that have been witnessed.

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2. Annapurna Base Camp/Sanctuary Trek

While the EBC trek might not be for everyone, the Annapurna Base Camp trek might just be for those who prefer an ample amount of relaxation with some fueling workouts. Starting from Pokhara, the junction where the most breathtaking ranges can be spotted, the trek goes up to an altitude of 4130m. While the altitude might sound intimidating, since the trail goes through tiny villages all along the way, it will definitely lighten you up even after long walks. One can familiarize themselves with the ambience of a rural yet enchanting dwelling with the sky-touching ranges of Annapurna, Machhapuchhre, and Dhaulagiri smiling down at the bubbly villages of the Gurung ethnicity. En route, there is a natural hot spring at Jhinu Danda where travellers can loosen their muscles and let go of the tensions. Trekking to Annapurna Base Camp is ideal from March to May as the forests are covered with colourful blooms of the rhododendron, but one can also trek here during the months of September to mid-December as the weather is clear enough to get ravishing views.

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3. Annapurna Circuit Trek

Gear up for the classic Annapurna Circuit Trek in which you shall cover a 128-mile horseshoe-shaped route that encircles the mighty Annapurna Mountain Range. Annapurna I- the tallest in Annapurna Range stands tall at 8091m making it the world’s tenth-highest mountain. Opened to foreigners only since the 1980s, the chances of witnessing more than ten different cultures of ethnic locals and going through the wide variation in vegetation and geographical terrain ranging from the world’s deepest Kali Gandaki Gorge to the world’s highest mountain pass of Thorong La at 5416m soon made Annapurna Circuit Trekking the Holy Grail among trekkers.

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4. Annapurna Poon Hill Trek
Annapurna Poonhill Trek

Due to its easy nature and short duration, Annapurna Poon Hill Trek is the most sought-after trail by first-timers or families with young children looking for laid-back walks with the time to blend in with nature to enter a world of majestic Himalayan ranges and emerald hills. With March to May and September to November being the best time to experience the snowcapped peaks in their true glory, the sunrise from Poon Hill showcases the proud mountains Annapurna and Dhaulagiri, stretching to as far as Tibet, glistening with the dripping rays of the glowing light. Adding to the splendour of these ranges, the captivating forests featuring rhododendrons and other rare flora can engross any nature-loving person. Without limiting to only nature, the trail follows Gurung villages with warm and inviting tea houses catering lovely meals and perfect rest stops.

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5. Everest Three High Passes Trek

Everest Three High Passes Trek

This trek into the wilderness of the Everest region is your precursor for the bigger things to come. Our cosy lodge-based Everest Three High Passes Trek swings through an alpine circuit of the jagged Khumbu and wades through 3 formidable passes that connect the sublime valleys of Thame, Gokyo and the Imja Khola; through a blitz of well-set trails that are roughshod and also merciful on the limbs. Our journey commences from the well-known Khumbu Valley, the abode of the Sherpas; we ideally haul up at the lively Namche bazaar to acclimatize before hitting trails treaded by numerous legends of unsurpassed fame in days gone by.

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6. Langtang Valley Trek
Langtang Valley Trek

This is a superb introduction for trekking rookies heading to Nepal among some of the most amazing scenery in the Himalayas. The Langtang Valley is the closest Himalayan destination to the medieval Kathmandu Valley. Ironically, despite being so close to Kathmandu, this Region is a blockbuster for the wild similar to the Tibetan highlands with heavenly rural landscapes that set the imaginations on overdrive. The valley runs west to east, on an even keel with the Tibetan border; yet, north of Kathmandu, we find famous trekking trails, that are not crowded like the Khumbu or Annapurna zones. Langtang Valley provides trekkers with mind-blowing countryside which includes verdant forests ascetic high mountain landscapes, and stunning views of the Ganesh, Langtang, and Jugal mountains that make you feel heady and dizzy.

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7. Manaslu Circuit Trek
Manaslu Circuit Trekking

The eighth-highest mountain in the world, the Manaslu, standing proudly at 8163m is the main attraction of the Manaslu Circuit Trek and yet isn’t the only thing that it offers. The trail starting from Machha Khola and reaching up to the height of over 5000m in the Larkya La provides one of the best off-the-beaten trekking experiences due to its diverse natural terrains. It is one of those trails that consist of all kinds of plains and hills along the path, making it fall into the strenuous level of trekking. While experience is a necessity for this 19-day long trek, it is important to select the best time to start, for the harsh weather affects the journey pretty quickly and intensely. To avoid such mishaps, the springtime of March-May and late fall of September-November with the teahouse and lodging mode of accommodation is the best approach. They say any difficult journey will lead to the perfect destination. Indeed, once you finish the hard bits of the trek, the breath-taking scenes will mesmerize you to the point your mind cleanses itself of any impurity and encompasses the highest level of spiritual clarity, all by just the sight of the gorgeous Manaslu, aptly termed as “the mountain of the spirit”.

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8. Upper Mustang Trek
Upper Mustang trek

If you’re looking for a more devoted trail that would leave you on a path of exploration of the mystery, the trek to Upper Mustang, also previously known as the Last Forbidden Kingdom, is your fit. Except for the winter season, the trek is suitable for the rest of the year as Upper Mustang is a rain shadow area which remains unaffected by the heavy showers around the rest of the country. Starting from Pokhara, the trail leads up to the quiet and untouched area of Lo Manthang, home to ancient Tibetan culture which to date has not been affected by the advancement of time. At an altitude of about 3800m, Lo Manthang is one of the few places where the sheer amounts of age-old monasteries stretch over the quiet desert-like terrain. It is through the intimate perspective that you can watch a conserved culture in its course of action, and if lucky, the traditional festival during favourable seasons. The trek is moderate, so a bit of fitness is essentially required much like the solitude of one’s mind to understand and capture the silent interactions of humans and nature. 

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9. Gokyo Lakes/Gokyo Ri Trek
Everest from Gokyo Ri

Gokyo Lakes/Gokyo Ri Trek carries similar elements of the Everest Base Camp trek yet is able to guarantee a different experience due to its less busy seasonal grounds. Situated on the foothill of the sixth highest mountain in the world, Cho Oyu (8188m), Gokyo Lake Trek is special because it features the enthralling Gokyo Lakes, which are a group of extremely beautiful freshwater lakes. The trail follows the path of several villages starting from Lukla, from where the trek reaches up to 5357m at Gokyo Ri (Optional). For a moderate trek that also requires hopping from one lodge to another, it takes some time to reach the quaint village of Gokyo which sits peacefully beside the third Gokyo Lake. The enchanting view of the sun caressing the panoramic view of white-tipped mountains seen from the Gokyo Ri viewpoint is a scene worth regarding once in a lifetime opportunity.

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10. Rolwaling Valley Trek with Daldung La Pass

rolwaling valley trek

Last but not least on the list of top 10 treks in Nepal is Rolwaling Valley Trekking with Daldung La Pass. It is one place to blow your mind to bliss. This taxing trail sees very few footprints and winds through the far-flung, virgin territory of Rolwaling. The mountain vistas and village landscapes, shared with cultural gaiety and rural lifestyles integrate into discoveries that are simply unforgettable…for any length of time. The Rolwaling Valley trek is something akin to nature’s gem that sits between the lovely Langtang Region of Kathmandu and the ever-well-known Everest Region to the east. Numerous airy suspension bridges across gorges help cut down the climbs. Brilliant peak views could be had from the high alpine section of Daldung La pass at (3900m), and then more continuously as the path rises.

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While these are the top 10 treks in Nepal, it is important not to limit ourselves to these and explore other options as well in order to get the best of experiences of the Himalayan country.

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